De_Cbble Strategy

Counter-Terrorist (CT) Side:
Pistol Round #1: 3 B at the start of the round with 1 falling back to A and then 2 guys A halls.
Pistol Round #2: 2 in B site, 2 guys in connector(1 close to A, 1 close to B) who will rotate fast to A if needed, 1 guy in the tower spotting.
A set up: 1 A Halls, 1 Middle, 2 B, 1 in connector
B set up: 2 A Halls, 1 Middle, 2 B
Note: If you get a good AWPer set up in the back of B bombsite, this guy should be able to hold B by himself until the Terrorists show they are interested in coming B by laying down smokes and flashing. You can rotate your 2nd B guy back to connector until the Terrorists show signs of going B.
Terrorist (T) Side:
Player1: AK or AWP
Player2: AK
Player3: AK
Player4: AWP
Player5: AK

Default Strat - Player1, Player2 work the A halls with 2 AKS or 1 AK/AWP. Player3, Player4 work middle with 1 AWP, 1 AK. Player5 watches flank from B halls. Player1, Player2 need to get to the end of A halls close to the A bombsite then lay down two smokes to get themselves out and to block the dark room connecting A bombsite to B bombsite. Player3, Player4 should also use smoke in front of connector door. Player5 tries to flank through B or comes back to middle after the rest of the team is moving in on A. Smoke placement and timing of mid/A hall guys is the key.

Strong A Halls Strat - Player1, Player2, Player3 work A halls with 2 AKs and 1 AWP or 3 AKs. Player4 works middle with an awp. Player5 watches flank then comes back to help up middle. This strat requires the A halls guys to get smokes down in front of the connector. Smoke placement and timing are a key to this strat.

Fake A - Player1 and Player2 work A halls up to the entrance into A bombsite. These two players lay down smokes and flash into site. Player3, Player4 work mid from a safe distance. Player5 watches the flank from B. The whole team except Player3 comes back to B quietly at a certain time left in the round. You will probably have to run part of this since it takes so long to get back to B. Player3 distracts at mid with smokes and flashes. After the distraction, the team takes B.

B Rush - Whole team rushes B. Player1, Player2, Player5 rush across platform, Player3, Player4 jump down into grass. Smoke in front of connector after the B players have been killed. The key to this strat is to elimate the AWP in B before he can get setup in the back of the bombsite.

Slow B - Player1, Player2, Player4, Player5 walk to B with AKs and maybe 1 AWP. Lay down one smoke and wait for nades. Lay down 3 more smokes. Flash, then take site. Player3 is distracting at A the whole time.

Fake B - Player1, Player2, Player4, Player5 walk to B with AKs and maybe 1 AWP. Player3 picks mid/A halls tower from a distance. Lay down one smoke and wait for nades. Lay down 3 more smokes. Flash a few times and fall back quickly. Player1, Player2, Player4, Player5 jump down mid and up to A flashing a few times and moving quickly. Player3 goes A halls slowly.

Spread Strat - Player1, Player2 work A halls with AKs, Player3 works mid with AWP, Player4, Player5 work B with 1 AWP, 1 AK. Work off a pick.

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