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De_Season Strategy

Counter-Terrorist (CT) Side:
2 in A Site
2 in B Site
1 player middle

The 2-1-2 is almost the only setup you can do. You can try having 2 middle by pulling one of the B guys towards middle as well. Just make sure this guy is close enough to get back to B quickly.

Terrorist (T) Side:
First Round: This is a very spread out map and it takes the CTs a long time to rotate. A few good strategies for the pistol round are just a 5 man A rush or B rush. If you want to work something slower, a 1 upper A, 2 middle/short A, and 2 B spread strategy could also work for your team.

Spread Strategy
Player1 goes and works upper A. Player2 and Player3 work middle and short A.
Player4 and Player5 work bombsite B.
Leave the bomb with the players working middle and cat. Take the bomb wherever your team can get picks.
Player3 can take the bomb A via short A if your team is able to pick the players in A, and he can take the bomb to B via the vents if the B guys are able to get picks at B.

2-3 Split A
Player1, Player2, and Player3 go upper A (tunnels to A). Player4, Player5 stay hidden at middle.
The upper A guys will initiate the attack.
As the upper A guys are attacking, Player4 and Player5 Smoke and flash middle then move to lower A.
Plant and cover bomb.

Fake A
Player2 goes upper A. Player5 stays hidden at mid. Rest of team hides outside of B.
When Player2 gets in position at upper A, Player5 crosses middle and Fakes lower A. Player2 fakes Upper A.
Player1, Player3 go upper B and Player4 delay lower B after the Fake at A has been going on long enough.

2-3 B Split
Player1, Player2, and Player3 go upper B. Player4, Player5 delay lower B.
Take the site and use smokes to smoke out the hallways in which rotators will be coming from.

Fake B
Player1, Player3 stay hidden in A halls. Player4 stays hidden mid.
Player2 and Player5 smoke out lower b, then move to upper B and fake B.
After the Fake has been going on long enough, Player4 crosses mid and moves up lower A.
Player1 and Player3 come out upper A at this time as well.
If player4 or player5 is still alive, then can try to get to A by going threw the vents to middle, then to short A.

Middle Vent Strat
Everyone rushes mid using nades and flashes.
After mid is secure, Player1, Player3, Player4 smoke out the halls connecting A to mid.
Player2 and Player5 go vents to B. Player1, Player3, Player4 go middle to B halls to B.
The team needs to get out of middle quickly to avoid being flanked from the A players.

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