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De_Nuke Strategy

CT side:

First Round: Player1, Player2 in the corners of the A rafters closest to the mini-garage, Player3 on A floor, Player4 in Ramp room, and Player5 watching outside from sniper's nest.

Gun Rounds: Player5 and Player2 on ramp, Player4 and Player3 upper bomb site, Player1 outside. *Player5 can move between ramp room, locker room area, heavens depending on where help is needed. Also, if they are going outside a lot, we may have Player5 go straight outside. The outside railing is a great place to play a second guy outside.

T side:

Upper Rush:
The whole team buys AKs and rushes upper site. The last guy out of T spawn stays back in lobby to watch for flanking CTs from the ramp room. Take bomb lower and plant it lower if possible. Keys to the strat: * You need a good spawn for this to work. * The first 3 guys(best 3 spawns) into site need to spread out on their way into site. The first one moves straight out, the 2nd guy moves towards the fork lift, and the 3rd guy moves towards the plant area by the boxes. The 4th guy goes out squeaky door. * Plant on the fork lift side, and keep the nest flashed if you have to plant upper.

Spread Strat:
Player3(AK) and Player5(AWP) work outside. This is where you should try to initiate. Player4(AK) waits for pushers from radio room, Player1(AK) waits for pushers from hut and the Player2(AK) watches for pushers from squeaky door. Your team is going to try to come into hut, squeaky door, and mini-garage at the same time or your team will try to get 2 guys backway b (outside players) and then try to take ramp room with the rest of your team. Keys to the strat: * You have to win the battle outside. * You can't get killed by any pushing CTs without at least trading kills. * Your team needs to listen up for the call since this is a strat that isn't very specific. The in game leader needs to make a good decision on where the team should go.

Outside Strat to Upper:
Player4 and Player3(AKs) and Player5(AWP) work outside. Player2(AK) watches the ladder from lobby to outside from on top of lobby roof. Player1(AK) watches lobby entrance to outside from on top of lobby roof. The Outside guys try to kill the CT outside guy. The outside guys will then start to work in mini-garage. When outside guys get to mini-garage, the AKs watching the flank will move into lobby and start to work hut and squeaky door. Keys to the strat: * Timing is a key to this strat. You can't get killed one at a time. * Winning the battle outside is also a key to this strat. * Use 2-3 good smokes outside to block the CTs in the locker room and to help distract the enemy.

Ramp Strat:
Player5(AWP) tries to get a pick on the ramp with help from Player2, Player4(AKs). Player3(AK) watches the hut. Player1(AK) watches the squeaky door. If Player5 gets the pick at ramp then Player2, Player4 and Player5 take ramp. Player2, Player4 and Player5 hold ramp for a bit and wait for call. Player1 and Player3 continue to watch for a push from hut/squeaky door. Your team should either continue down to B, or have one guy fake lower and have the rest of the team come back and take upper. Keys to the strat: * Listening for the call on this one is key. You can't have 2 guys go downstairs and 3 come back to try to take upper. * Being able to take the ramp with few casualties is necessary.

Squeaky Strat:
Player2, Player4, Player1 Rifles wait in squeaky room. Player3 team member lays down smoke in front of mini-garage. Player5 flashes twice into A site from roof threw the glass windows. At this time Player3 flashes mini-garage. Player2, Player4, Player1 go out squeaky door then down to lower to plant. Player5 and Player3 try to get to ramp and help the lower guys out from there. Keys to the strat: *We can't get stuck on squeaky door. *Need good flashes from player on the roof. Note: This may not work all that well against good teams. If you use this against a good team, I would suggest that the players in the squeaky room flash the site as well.

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