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Why You Need Gaming Peripherals

Having good gaming peripherals are a key to playing any game well, including FPS games such as counter-strike. In this article, we take a look at a few of the gaming peripherals that you need to consider upgrading to gaming grade peripherals.

Gaming Mouse

One of the most important things when it comes to gaming is the mouse you are using. If you are just using standard mouse, you will be way behind the other players who are using a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse has much better precision when compared to other mice. It also usually includes extra buttons that you can setup to use in game. Last, a gaming mouse will be more comfortable to use.

Recommended Gaming Mice

G400 Optical Gaming Mouse - Optical Gaming Mouse G400

This mouse is a solid overall mouse. I personally own a mouse that is very similar to this mouse (just 1 generation older) and I will continue to buy this style of mouse.

G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is another solid gaming mouse. It is a little bit more pricy than the G400, but pretty solid and is recommended.

Razer DeathAdder - This is a mouse that I have not tried personally, but have heard great things about. Many gamers would recommend this mouse.

HeadPhones / HeadSet

A good gaming headset is the next most important peripheral for a gamer after the mouse. A gaming headset will not only make the gaming experience more enjoyable, but it will give you an advantage since a gaming headset will provide more precise and accurate sound. For example, in an FPS game, you will be able to hear the direction of footsteps much more easily and clearly than if you didn't have a gaming headset.

Recommended Headsets

G35 Headset - G35 Surround Sound Headset

This is an awesome headset. I personally have this one. It puts out great sound, has been the most durable headset I have had, and wasn't too high of a price.

SENNHEISER PC161 Supra-aural Headset - SENNHEISER PC161 Supra-aural Headset

Generally, almost anything SENNHEISER is going to be good. The PC161 is a another solid headset for gaming.

Gaming Mousepad Another thing that we would recommend is a gaming mousepad. This is not a must. However, a gaming mousepad will give you more space to work and will provide a better surface for your mouse to work on.

Recommended Mousepads

ROCCAT ROC-13-051 - ROCCAT ROC-13-051 Taito Kingsize - mTw Edition Gaming Mousepad

Anything from SteelSeries or ZowieGear is also very good when it comes to mousepads as well.

Gaming Keyboard

Generally speaking, we wouldn't recommend spending the money on a gaming keyboard. However, if you have tried out one that you really like, then it might be worth it to you personally. However, I just don't see much value in them over a normal keyboard.