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De_Train Strategy

CT side:

First Round: 2 spotting outside and 3 inside(1 watching upper, 1 watching lower, and 1 with a nade aimed at bomb train)
A set up: 1 inside(B), 1 CT connector who can help at B, 2 ivy/back alley, 1 back of outside bomb train
B set up: 1 inside(B), 1 CT connector who can help at B, 1 ivy/back alley, 1 in heavens/sniper nest, 1 back of outside bomb train
C set up: 2 inside(B), 1 ivy, 1 mid, 1 ladder train

T side:

First Round Strat #1: Player1 and Player2 stay by T spawn with bomb. Player3, Player4, Player5 go inside and lay down three smokes. Player3, Player4, Player5 then come back to ladder and go outside. Player2 and Player1 come out middle. Player5 watch the flank from ladder room. Plant on the front of the train.

First Round Strat #2: Player1 rushes middle as fast as possible with flashes and either a smoke or a HE grenade and draws attention. The rest of the team buys armor and rushes ivy together. Plant on the back of the train.

Default (2-1-2): Player3, Player2 go to ivy. Player1 covers mid or quick picks from T connector. Player5, Player4 go ladder. Ivy guys smoke ct connector from T back alley area. Ladder guys push out first, then Middle guy then pushes out. One of the ladder guys smokes back of bomb train. The ivy guys push out last. One of ladder guys needs to watch ladder room for flanking CTs. Try to plant on the front of the train so you can see the planted bomb from most of the outside train yard.

Fake A: Player3 goes Ivy and tries to work a pick. Player1 covers mid from T connector then fakes outside later in the round. Player5 goes down ladder, then comes back up after being seen and after laying a smoke down. Player2, Player4 delay in bathroom then sneak into b after a good distraction has been made. You should still use a smoke on lower B if you plan on going into the site that way.

B strat: Four of your team members move into upper B quietly and being aware of the pushed up CT. The Last team member(should be Player1) watches the flank from the ladder. Player5 throws far smoke at lower b and Player4 throws far smoke at upper b. Player5 flashes lower B and Player4 flashes into site from upper. Player2, Player3, and Player5 come out lower B. Player4 comes out upper B. Take the site and then smoke the aisles.

Middle Rush: Player3, Player4, Player5, Player1 (has bomb) rush out middle. Player2 rushes out ivy as quickly as possible. Player5 moves to ladder room after your team is out in the train yard and after any up close CTs have been killed. Player1 smokes in front of CT connector. Player4 smokes in front of bomb train. Player1, Player4 move to get bomb down on the front of the train and then fall back to save places.

Note: For every buy strat, it is a key to use a lot of smokes. I would advise that your team use 3-5 smokes every buy round. The reason for this it that the CTs will usually have many awps on de_train and using smokes will help you win rounds against the awps.

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