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De_Strike Strategy

Player1 - AK/M4
Player2 - AWP or rifle
Player3 - AWP or rifle
Player4 - AK/M4
Player5 - AK/M4


A Site: Player4, Player5, Player3
B Site: Player1
Middle: Player2

A Site: Player4, Player3
B Site: Player1, Player5
Middle: Player2


Player1 and Player2 go upper A Halls.
Player3 and Player5 go Short A/A Ramp.
Player4 goes B halls then tries to sneak into from middle through connector.
Work this slowly, give Player4 time to flank the CT's in the connector or in mid.
Player3 and Player5 should learn how to smoke out A from T side of A Ramp by throwing the smokes over the building into A site.

Secondary A Strat (fast or slow):
Player1, Player4, and Player2 go upper A Halls.
Player3 and Player5 go Short A/A Ramp. Take site and plant bomb.
The team can go fast or slow on this one. If the team goes slow, you need a lot of smokes.
If the team goes fast, Use plenty of flashes and move in fast.

Spread out Strat:
Player2 and Player5 try to work A slowly.
Player4 and Player1 try to work B or mid. Player3 try to work middle.
Player4, Player1, and Player3 should work together to get the mid guy or a guy in the connector.
A nade stack into the window is suggested.

Primary B Start:
Player1, Player3, Player5, Player1 go middle.
Player3 and Player1 smoke connector. Player5 and Player2 smoke short B.
Player2, Player1, Player3, and Player5 move up short B. Player4 delays out of B halls.
The team should take their time on this and work picks for a bit. It also may be helpful to have 1 player watching flank at A or distracting at A.
Note: You can also work this same setup and then go connector into A to switch it up a bit.

Fake B, Team goes A Strat:
Player2 and Player1 sit in A Halls hidden. Player5 and Player4 go middle and lay down smokes.
Player5 and Player4 then fall back to Short A/A Ramp quickly. Player3 throws a Fake at B.
Player2, Player1, Player5, and Player4 then take A on Player3's call.

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