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De_CPL_Fire Strategy

CT side:

Player5: Middle (should be your best awper or best overall player)
Player4: Front of B
Player3: Sands B
Player2: A Halls or Train tracks
Player1: Short A or Cat A


Spread Strat: Player3 works railroad tracks. Player5 picks mid and short A. Player1 works sand. Player4 works short B. Player2 works short A or helps Player4 with short B. This strat is good if you think you have an advantage over the other team when it comes to aim and overall skill.

Mid Strat: Player3 watches the railroad tracks. Player5, with an awp, picks short A then boosts Player2, Player4 over fence and into mid. Player5 and Player1 go short A. Player4 and Player2 go up the middle spiral steps then into A. Player3 delays out of railroad tracks.

2-3 B Split: Player3, Player1 go sand. Player5, Player4, Player2 go lobby and work short B, Player2 watches to make sure their is no flank from short/long A. Short B guys come out first, then the sand guys delay out of sand.

2-3 A Split: Player3, Player1 walk railroad tracks. Player5 picks mid, Player4 and Player2 go lobby with AKs. After Player3, Player1 get in position, Player4, Player2 and Player5 come up short A. Player3 and Player1 delay out of railroad tracks.

B Rush: Rush the whole team with AKs out of short B. If they push up a guy in the B sands area consistently then this is a good strat. The one guy will be isolated in B because his teammate has pushed up sand. This is also good for a deagle save round.

Save Rounds:

T save round 1: Whole team rushes out short b. The guy with the best spawn should get a flash.
T save round 2: Player4 with smoke goes lower B. The rest of team walks train tracks and rush together. Plant safely to make sure we get the plant.

CT save round: Player4 goes pushes lower B with flash/nade.(This will be Player4 by default, but could change depending on who has money and best spawn) Player4 preflashes up through lobby to blind/distract. The rest of the team pushes up short A.

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