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Counter-Strike Terrorist Guide and Tips

Here are a few general tips on some things you can do to improve your game individually and as a team as a Terrorist:

*Good Strategy: Going into a match or scrim you need to have a good game plan. I would suggest having a solid pistol round strategy, 4-6 gun round strategies, 1-2 Save/Eco round strategies, and 1 anti-eco round strategy. By having all of these strategies well practiced, your team will be ready for every single round of the Terrorist side of the match. Also, try not to make your strats too specific and make sure you leave some room for the unexpected to happen. Adaptation is a big part to winning rounds on the terrorist side of Counter-Strike.

*Solid Leader: Your ingame leader plays a huge role in your success on the T side. It is important that when you get to match time, your team isn't calling strats by commity. Your team needs 1 player to be calling strats and directing the team. This will help your team to be on the same page. One big mistake I have seen is that teams will be indecisive and have 2 or 3 players trying to call a strat at the beginning of the round. This will lead to confusion and will result in the players on your team either being confused or running different strats. Your ingame leader needs to be someone who can be in control, both when winning and when losing. He needs to know when it is time to get on someone's back and when it is time to be relaxed.

*Using HEs, flashes, and smoke grenades: Using the grenades in Counter-Strike on the Terrorist side should be a little bit different than how you use these on the Counter-Terrorist side. The HE, to start, can be used to kill or to clear good CT camping spots on the map. For example, if their is a spot on the map that is real tough to clear with guns, you may want to try a nade stack on that camping spot to help clear the spot. Flash grenades can be used to either help you take a choke point or help you protect the planted bomb in the bombsite. When you are moving to take a bombsite or to get past a choke point, your team should use multiple flashes in different spots to help clear the bombsite/choke point before your team moves in. One tip when using flashes to help protect a planted bomb is to spread out the flashes you have left. Most of your teams flashes will be gone before the bomb has been planted. You should try to spread your remaining flashes out to delay the CTs as long as possible. Smoke grenades play a huge role on the Terrorist side of the map. I would suggest that your team buys at least 3 smoke grenades when you are on a buy round. Their are a few keys to using a smoke grenade. First, use them to help block a CT awp from being able to see your team at certain places around the map. Second, don't place the smokes in places that your team may get lost in the smoke. You want to throw your smoke towards the CTs, not right in front of your team.

*Good Timing and Team Work: Timing and team work are a key to the game of Counter-Strike in general, but their are a few ways this specifically relates to the Terrorist side of the map. If you are running a split strat on a bombsite, your goal should be to try to get the CTs looking in multiple directions at your team. Try to time your strats to get this to happen. Also, when your team decides to move on a choke point or bombsite, move together. One big mistake I have seen is that a team goes one by one into a choke point and then dies one by one.

*Setup Crossfires When the bomb is planted: When the bomb is planted, the goal is to delay the CTs as long as possible. This means that you are trying to hide from the CTs and trying to make the CTs chase and search for you if possible. If your team has more than 1 player left, you should try to set up a crossfire so you can cover each other without having to expose yourself too much. The CTs are going to try to clear camping spots, such as areas behind boxes/crates and other objects. You should try to get yourself into a position in which you will see the CT a split second before he can see your teammate. Your teammate should try to do the same for you. If you can get this setup, it will make it a lot of tougher on the CTs to clear those common camping spots in the bombsite.

*Don't become too awp heavy and know your roles: At most your team should have 1-2 awps on the Terrorist side of the map. This should be done for a few reasons. The first reason is that having more than 2 awps can really hurt your teams economy since awps are very expensive. The second reason is that the Terrorist have to take choke points or bombsites, whereas the CTs just sit back and wait for the Terrorist to attack. The awp is not that great of a weapon when you get to the point where you need to take a choke point or bomb site. I would recommend, that for most maps, that your team has only 1 awper, and that this awper is the same player all the time. By having the same player be the awp, it will help prevent confusion and it will also allow for awper to get good at being the awper. Also, most good teams can run some T side strats with no awps. This is good because the AK is much cheaper than the awp and can allow for your team to buy when your team may not be loaded with money.

*Know the money system and try to predict the CT save/economy rounds: If you win the pistol round, their is a very good chance the CTs will be saving for the next 2 rounds. You should have a special setup for these 2 rounds since the CTs may try to rush your team or they may try to stack a bombsite. Also, try to have a general idea of the money system and if you think the other team may be saving, you may want to sit back for a few seconds just to make sure the CTs aren't rushing you. Another important thing is that if the CTs are saving, the first member on your team who spots this should let the whole team know. Knowing that the other team only has pistols can help your team avoid nade stackes, rushes, and getting killed by a CT camping in a spot they wouldn't usually camp in.

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