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Counter-Strike Game Server Reviews

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This company has pretty solid servers for a very low price. These are great servers for teams just starting out since you can get a 100 Tic private for a great price. I would recommend this server for any team that needs a solid server and for teams who aren't going to be having large SourceTV broadcasted matches. These are also great servers to use as public servers. It is way to pricy to use one of the higher priced server companies for a large public when you can get a public from for a reasonable price.
This company has good, solid servers for a good price. I used them for awhile and the server was great. I wouldn't recommend getting one of these servers if you plan on having matches that require a large SourceTV unless you get a relay server as well. We would have trouble getting more than 5-10 people in SourceTV. These are a medium priced server and also one of the largest server companies. They provide good quality for a good price. This is also a good server company to use if you are buying a public server.

Velocity Servers
Velocity Servers are also a good choice of servers to go with. These are a bit more expensive, but if you are willing to pay this extra money, they have good servers. I would only consider them for a private servers since their public servers can get to be pricy.

Nuclear fallout servers
NFO servers are considered to be one of the best out on the market. However, these servers are very pricy. If you are in need of a top of the line server, I would go with them over Velocity.

Hi-Definition servers
Hi-Def servers are great servers as well. These are also extremely pricy. I am pretty sure when we bought one of these we were paying over 50 bucks for the standard package per month. I would consider them about equal with NFO and better than velocity when it comes to the high-priced servers.

In conclusion, I would recommend either or for teams that just need a solid server since these companies have good, reliable servers for a cheap price. However, if you team needs the best servers no matter what the price, I would go with Nuclear Fallout or Hi-Def. If you are just looking for a public server, I would only consider or NFO, Velocity, and Hi-Def are good when it comes to private servers that require really good registration for match conditions.