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De_Contra Strategy

Counter-Terrorist (CT) Side:
Pistol Round: 2 B, 2 stacked upper A with one peaking lower A every once in awhile, 1 watching middle from dark room or castle/connector.
Gun Round Setup #1: 1 Upper A, 1 Lower A, 1 middle, 2 B
Gun Round Setup #2: 2 Upper A with 1 player spotting lower every once in awhile, 1 middle watching sand and plank, 2 B focusing on box room
Terrorist (T) Side:
Player1: AK
Player2: AK
Player3: AK
Player4: AK
Player5: AWP or AK

First Round: Player1, Player2, Player3 go upper A with the bomb. Player4 goes lower A and delays for a bit. Player5 watches flank close to lower A then goes lower A or up middle to sand. The Upper A guys should initiate, with Player4 and Player5 delaying a bit to try to catch the enemy off guard.

Rush B: The whole team rushes B. It is usually best to send the player with the closest spawn to B through sand to the plank room. However, if the CTs play an AWP in the window room awping sand, it may be best for the whole team to go through the box room. Note: Flash through box room first, then over if need be.

2-1-2 Spread Strat: Player1, Player2 work B slowly. Player4 works upper A. Player3 works lower A or helps helps Player4 with Upper A. Player5 watches or works middle trying to get a pick on any pushing CTs. Leave the bomb middle so Player5 can take it to a bombsite if someone gets a pick. Also, one tactic that works is to take the bomb to the opposite site of where the pick was gotten. The reason for this is because the enemy should rotate a guy out of that site to help at the site in which they lost a player. For this to work effectively, you want the guys working the site where you are taking the bomb to act like they fell back and have the guys at the site in which you are NOT taking the bomb to continue throwing a fake.

Slow B: Player5 tries to draw flashes at B. Player1 works upper A(delay for a bit and stay alive). Player4 watches middle for flanking Counter-Terrorists and Player2, Player3 stay outside of B towards T spawn. After Player5 draws flashes, he will fall back towards T spawn area. Player1 will then fake a rush at Upper A with smokes and flashes. After the fake at upper A has occurred, Player4, Player3, Player2, Player5 all rush B bombsite together.

Fake B: Player5 trys to draw flashes at B, Player4 watches mid, Player2 stays outside of B by spawn. Player1, Player3 go upper A QUIETLY, Player2 moves on b to sell B. Player3, Player1 try to take A and plant, Player4 meets up with the players taking A through upper A. If the two players faking B can get a kill or two, this strat if much more likely to work.

Sewer Strat: Player2, Player4, Player3 go lower A with SMOKES. Unload smokes and flashes for cover from any AWPS then go Lower A sewer to B. Player2, Player4 go up towards dark room. Player3 go up towards plank room. Player1 and Player5, who have been waiting by T spawn outside of B with the bomb flash into site then go box room to B. If it is timed right, it should give your team 3 different angles to attack B from.

2-3 A Split: Player1, Player2, Player3 work upper A with the bomb. Player4 works lower A slowly. Player5 watches the flank then comes back to help the lower A guy or trys to flank by going up middle to A sands. The upper A guys should initiate the attack. This is a very simple strat, but it can work if the guys at bombsite A are weak.

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