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Counter-Strike - Sign up to win free lessons is now giving away free lessons twice a month!

Sign up for a chance to win a free 1 Hour lesson. These free lessons will consist of a planned 1 hour lesson with one of the Pros. All of our pros have AT LEAST cal-main starting experience and can help your team. This can be either a team lesson with up to 5 people or an individual lesson.

To sign up, you need to:
1) Register your clan at Create a Clan Page or Login if you already have a Clan Page.
2) Click on the "Sign up for a Chance to win a FREE Lesson" link your team's clan page control panel.
3) Submit your entry.
4) Wait to see if you win.

We will be giving away a free lesson twice a month, so remember to re-enter your clan if you didn't win for the next drawing.

The following teams have all won and redeemed there free lesson from

Leet Fraggers
Dope Boy Magic

If your team didn't win, please remember to re-enter your team into the drawing.