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Counter-Strike GALIL Guide

*GALIL guide, hints, and tips: This is a pretty solid gun, but I would recommend the AK if you have the money for it. This is a useful gun when your team is buying, but you are a bit low on cash and could use an extra flash, HE grenade, or head armor. This gun can also be useful in certain situations early in a match in scrim such as a surprise buy round. Usually on a surprise buy round, you are only going to have around 3K, so a galil may be a good option since you can then afford armor and a nade or flash. When it comes to using it, the galil is very similar to the other rifles in that you want to burst at medium to longer ranges. At closer ranges, this gun is a bit more accurate than the AK, so you can try spraying with it. The damage this gun can do is between the M4 and AK.

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