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To start off it's pretty common to see myself browsing through online stores like and as well as specialized product based companies such as Razer, Logitech, and Microsoft just to see what's the latest news in hardware development as well as what's the hottest gadgets on the market. Recently I was searching through Denmark's very own gaming gear site, Steel Series, and something caught my eye. On the homepage of their site displays a funny looking white headset which somewhats resembles the extremley popular Siberia Gaming Headset. As I clicked through, I found out that this product could be the next big thing in professional gaming headsets, they call it the Siberia Neckband Headset.

Whats the big deal you ask? If you didn't know already the Siberia Gaming Headset is one of the most popular headsets used by gamers worldwide. As soon as it was released in 2004 the trademark "white siberias" were a smashing hit. This is no surprise to me as I have owned 3 pairs and majority of my friends own them as well. It still is a little surprising to see Steel Series hasn't done any revision to the product in more than 3 years, but I guess that's because they were perfect from the start. Even though the almost 4 year old Siberia's leave some big shoes to fill, I believe the Siberia Neckband is the perfect candidate. The new headset sports a unique sporty around the neck style, with the comfort and sound quality of the previous generations of Steel Series headsets. Even though the name is a little dull, don't let that sway your opinion. The Steel Series Siberia Neckband Headset is due out Q3 2007 and should be an amazing buy. Follow the link below to check out more details and pictures.

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