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Recently, Jon "Juan" Mumm of Pandemic released This is another great site dedicated to strategy and tactics of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Source. is a great place for strategy and tactics, but if you feel like your team needs more, I would recommend signing up for the premium membership at He frequently adds strategy features and answers questions on the messageboards. One other cool feature of the site is commentary on recent matches by himself and by his teammates.

Here is Juan's Resume:

Teams (and rosters) that I have led:
- verGe gaming: juan, n0it, paradox, helix, cannon, struk
- ForbiddeN: juan, n0it, paradox, mustang, struk
- Pandemic: juan, n0it, paradox, mustang, griff

List of my notable accomplishments in CS:Source:
- 1st eBash 2005
- 1st w2z NewEgg Bootcamp
- 1st NewEgg DigitalLife
- CAL-Open S3 Central Champions
- 2nd CEVO-Pro S2
- CAL-Invite S4 16-0 Undefeated Regular Season
- 2nd RyuLAN
- 2nd CEVO-Pro S3
- 2nd DC-Lan Winter 2007
- 1st LAN
- 1st EastCoast LAN 2007
- 1st CPL Summer 2007
- 1st ShowdownLAN 2007
- 3rd GGL DigitalLife
- 4th NewEgg LanFest
- 4th CEVO-P S4
- Ranked #3 in North America (Jan 2006 - May 2006)
- Ranked #2 in North America (May 2006 - Sep 2007)
- Ranked #3 in North America (Sep 2007 Present)

Check out Juan Source