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Counter-Strike MP5 Guide

*MP5 guide, hints, and tips:
This gun is usually only used when your team won pistol round. This is the only time I suggest using this gun. If your team can't buy AKs/M4s, then you should save or deagle save. This gun is an SMG, so it is pretty accurate at medium to close range. The key with this gun is to keep moving around while firing. This gun is about as accurate while running around as it is when you are crouched. Also, try to get yourself within medium to close range if possible and aim for the head. It can take up to 10 hits to kill if you go for all body shots with this gun. At long range, you are going to want to burst with this gun. Don't get into a fire fight at long range with a sniper of rifler. If you find yourself in a long distance situation, try to improve your position by moving closer or take cover and wait for your opponent to get closer. Since I suggested only using this gun on the rounds following pistol round, make sure you work together with your teammates to stop the saving Ts or CTs. The last thing you want is to give the other team a gun while not fragging many of them.

If you play in a league in which the money system is now 16K to start, this gun shouldn't be used too much anymore. If the rest of your team is able to buy and you don't have the money for an M4, this may be the next best option unless you are good with a famas.

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