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Counter-Strike News

XFX and iGames have teamed up to bring the Counter-Strike Source community a nation wide LAN tournament. It is called the XFX Challenge, and it is the XFX $10K Counter-Strike Source™ Qualifier, on Saturday and Sunday, September 8-9.

The XFX challenge will start with teams competing at 8 LAN centers across the nation. Saturday will be a Double-Elimination LAN tournament with a maximum of 8 teams at each of 8 participating centers (64-team maximum). The 8 winners from each center's LAN tournaments will advance to Sunday, which is a WAN (online) Double-Elimination tournament against the other LAN winners. Teams will battle it out for $5,000 in cash and $5,000 in XFX prizes.

Here is a list of the participating LAN centers:

• Net Heads - Indianapolis, IN
• GameFrog - Charlotte, NC
• Howie's Game Shack - Mission Viejo, CA
• CyGamZ - Ypsilanti, MI (near Detroit)
• Xtreme Gaming Cybercafe - San Antonio, TX
• CyberConXion - Wayne, NJ (near NYC)
• Gigabits LAN - Orlando, FL
• Euphnet v3 - San Jose, CA