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Website Hosting

Many clans today pay a lot of money out for servers and ventrilo. However, one thing they forget about is a website. There are many reasons to have a clan website such as clan exposure, a place to recruit, and a place to converse such as forums. Also, if you have a public server, a clan website is a great way to promote your server. There are a few routes to go with this. You could buy your own domain and have it hosted by one of the best web hosting sites. You could use a free site that hosts many sites such as our Clan Hosting. You could also just use a myspace or facebook page for your clan. The most professional way to go is to buy your own URL and have your own website.

It is nice if you have someone on your team with some html or website experience. If you have a person like this in your clan, they can design a website for you and keep it up to date. If your team doesn't have a person with this experience, it is not a huge deal, your clan can just use a template or use a free hosting site. Also, it is pretty easy to get a website up and running even if you don't have much experience with websites.

Most hosting companies provide an affordable webhosting option. This will be a pretty small cost compared to the cost of your server or even the cost of you ventrilo. The benefit you could get out of a team website is well worth the cost. Overall, I would recommend getting some type of webspace for your clan. I would suggest using a dedicated hosting option with your own domain, but options such as our own clan hosting or a myspace page are better than nothing.