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Counter-Strike AK / AK-47 Guide

AK47 (AK) guide, hints, and tips:
This is the primary weapon for the Terrorist side of matches or scrims. This, like the M4, is a very solid and versatile weapon. This weapon is somewhat accurate at long range, but most deadly at medium or close range. When using the AK at long range, you are going to want to use 1-3 shot bursts. It is very helpful if you are able to either use cover at long range or to strafe then burst then strafe again then burst again. When using the strafing technique, you are going to want to make your strafes a bit longer than you would with the M4. This gives the AK recoil time to settle down. At medium range, you can take the burst up to a 2-4 shot burst. Yet again, you are going to want to try to use cover or use the strafe and burst technique. At short range you can use 3-5 shot bursts. One thing to note is that the AK spray is tough to control without practice. I would suggest trying to stick with bursts at close range. One strength of the AK over the M4 is that the AK is a one shot to the head kill gun. Even if the other team bought helmets, you can elimate one of them with a shot to the head. Another strength is that this gun is much cheaper than the M4, which will allow your team to be able to buy more often. This is a huge advantage if you are playing in a league with the 16K start money system. If your team can limit itself to 1 awp, you will be able to buy almost every round assuming you can win a few rounds or get a few bomb plants.

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