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Counter-Strike AWP Guide

*AWP guide, hints, and tips:
Many players believe this is the best gun in the game. In my opinion, this gun ranks right up with, but slightly behind the M4 or AK when used for competition. This gun, when used right, can dominate an opposing team. There are a few things you should know about the gun that can help you use it to its fullest. The first thing is that it is quicker to just let the gun rescope on its own then to switch to your knife/pistol and then switch back to the awp (known as "quick switching"). Another tip is that if you are seen picking from a certain spot, take your shot then switch positions. Most teams will have their awper lock onto the spot you were just at and you will most likely get picked if you repeak that spot. There are exceptions to this rule depending on the map and whether or not you have flashes. To elaborate on this, if you want to repeak the same spot, it is a good idea to flash before you repeak. This will blind any members of the other team trying to pick the spot you are about to repeak. Another important thing is to give yourself a place to fall back to. The awp if very poor at close range battles when the other team is halfway decent. Due to this fact, you need to be able to pull back a bit if a group of AKs/M4s try to push you. Lastly, make sure you are good with pistols, and use your pistol in close range situations.

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