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Counter-Strike Desert Eagle / Deagle Guide

*Deagle guide, hints, and tips:
This is the best pistol in the game due to the amount of damage it can due with one bullet. This gun is very useful when you are the awper and need a good sidearm for clearing choke points. One shot to the head from the deagle will kill, except at long range. The key to using the deagle is to make every shot count. You only have 7 shots, so you don't want to spray these shots. Also, if you have a good angle, try to go for the head shot. One last tip is to be aware of your situation with this gun. If you know you are in a 1v1 situation, you can go for the body shots. It should take 3-4 hits. In a situation in which you may encounter two opponents at the same spot on the map, it is better to try to disarm one opponent with a headshot to even the odds before taking on the second opponent.

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