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Counter-Strike Glock Guide

*Glock guide, hints, and tips:
This is the standard T pistol. This gun can be surprisingly powerful during pistol or save rounds when used well. One of the big advantages with this gun is the accuracy at close range and the 20 bullet clip. A prolonged fire fight with a deagle/usp will usually end up with you winning it if they can't kill you with their initial clip. A few keys is that you don't want to take any USPs or deagles on at long range. Try to get into situations when you can be at medium to short range. Also, it is only helpful to use the burst at close range. Stick with the single shot setting on the glock for medium or long range shots. One last tip is to go for the head. This gun is extremely weak, and it is tough to kill anyone without going for the head.

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