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De_Contra Strategy

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For the upcoming CAL season, we decided to do a detailed overview of this map. We are going to try to do these detailed overviews of the CAL maps every week.


In general, you will always want to have 1 person watching upper A, 1 person watching lower A, 1 person watching mid, and 2 people watching B. However, mixing up your positions in the bombsites and working together to hold the sites is the key to success.

Upper A:

There are a couple of different spots and ways to play this position. The first way is to play aggressive. There are 3 good spots to play it this way. You can play in the muck, on the ledge of upper, or in the upper A halls against the box. I would only suggest doing this a few times at most since most teams will check the common camping spots. Also, remember that if you play on the ledge they can see an m4 barrel if you have that gun out. If you are playing on the ledge, you want to flash, try to kill 1 or 2, then fall back.

The way that your team should play it most of the time is passive back on the ramp area. I would suggest smoking the exit of upper A to throw the Ts off. If your teammate in A is pushed up on lower A, you can also move down to the bottom of the A ramp to get a different angle on upper A. Upper A is one of the toughest individual spots to hold on this map, so you will have to be creative and keep the Ts guessing on what you are doing.

Lower A:

There are a bunch of ways to play this spot. This is one of the easiest spots to hold on the map, so being able to help your teammate at upper is a key to holding A. The first thing you can do is push up all the way to the end of lower. Doing this may catch the Ts off guard and may get you an easy kill or two. I would not do this often, however, since it is risky and you leave your other teammate alone in A.

Three more good positions to play lower are in the sewer, peaking the crack in the left most boxes in lower, or on top of the boxes next to the sewers. These spots allow for you to help your teammate in A easier, and also allow for a quick rotation to B if needed. If you play the spot on the boxes by sewer, make sure to fall back into sewers after you get a pick. Don't sit up there.

One last spot that is good to play is on the A ramp with an awp. If you are able to hit your shots, lower will be very tough for the other team to take. Also, from this spot, you can easily look towards upper to help your teammate if needed.

However you decide to play A, make sure the two players in A are working together. For example, if one guy is pushing up on lower, it may be best to have your other guy play upper passive.

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