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The mid position is a key position and a player who can make good calls should be placed here. There are only about two or three ways to play this position. This player can play from the dark window room. This player can jump out the window room to sand, and play from the cathedral or connector. Lastly, this player can play from the left side of middle.

The B Rush is a very dominating strat when it comes to T side of the map. The mid guy needs to make calls or help hold the sand for your team to hold B. If the mid player plays from the window room, he will have a good shot on any Ts attempting to jump sand to plank. Forcing the Ts to all go through the box room will greatly increase the chances you can stop the rush. If the middle guy decides to jump out window, he needs to make sure to pre-flash the area outside of B for his own safety and to help stop the rush.

After the possibility of a B rush is over, the middle guy needs to just hold middle and then rotate to where help is needed. The mid guy has a quick rotate to both A and B by going through CT spawn, jumping to sand, or jumping into the sewers. Holding middle itself is not that hard to do, and falling back to a safe place is also an option. Also, I would not suggest trying to out pick the terrorist awper.

B Site:

This site is a very tough site to try to hold. There aren't a lot of great spots to play from, and the terrorists can almost beat you to the site if they have a good spawn. The one thing that you need to do if you are playing this site is to nade and flash the box room to prevent the rush. You should have two players going B, and they both need to throw either a flash or a nade into the box room right when the enter the site.

A few of the good spots to play B are in the dark room next to the plant area, in the plank room, and behind the double boxes in site. One thing to remember is that the boxes in site are spammable, and you can be killed through them. Also, if the Ts don't rush B, you can try to get a guy behind the box in box room or boosted into the box room. If you have a really talented awper, he can try to play from CT spawn awping box room.

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