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De_Strike Strategy

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For the upcoming CAL season, we decided to do a detailed overview of this map. We are going to try to do these detailed overviews of the CAL maps every week.


In general, you will always want to have 1 person watching the A ramp, 1 person watching A apartments, 1 person watching mid, and 1 person watching B. Where the 5th player goes is a bit up in the air, and will change from team to team, but generally play from connector and watch both mid and A site.

A Ramp:

There are a couple of different spots to play this position, however, no matter where you choose to play from, you must preflash the ramp every round to prevent the possible T rush. A is a very easy site to take on this map, and a well-executed T rush can be deadly. There are 3 general spots to play: behind the boxes in the bombsite, on top of the boxes over looking the ramp, and underneath the ladder.

If you’re going to play from the boxes in site, make sure you don’t cover yourself behind the same box every round. You’d preferably play that spot with an awp. The spot itself is pretty effective, and a good awper should be able to get the pick should an enemy come from the ramp, however, you are liable to being smoked having your view of the ramp blocked, no to mention you could be vulnerable from catwalk should the Ts take over mid.

Only play from the boxes overlooking ramp if your teammate is pushed up at A halls, otherwise you could be shot from the side at any time. This is a good spot to get an easy kill on an unsuspecting T because they usually will expect you to play from somewhere else. I don’t advocate playing from here more than a few times because if you do they will start to expect you to be there and you then become an easy kill for the Ts. This is more of a spot to mix things up and catch them off guard.

Another common position is underneath the ladder. This is a tough spot to play. When coming from the ramp, the Ts will usually look first at the boxes and in the back of the bombsite for potential awpers, and then check underneath the ladder. You have to be careful to avoid the flashes and smokes they’ll be throwing when attempting to take the site, and also hope that your teammate doesn’t give up A halls, otherwise you have to worry about enemies coming at you from 2 directions. Play this spot with a rifle and make sure you have a full set of nades in case they come your way.

A Halls:

You can choose to play this position from either up close or from far away. How you decide to play it depends on your money situation and how your teammate is playing ramp.

If you play up close, you better be a very solid rifler. A common spot to play is right behind the big box that’s to the right of the entrance to A halls. A better, but more dangerous, place to play from is on the edge of the stack of boxes that are close to the ramp. This is dangerous because you are very vulnerable from the ramp; only play there if your teammate has managed to push into the ramp. From there, enemies will only be able to see your head coming out of the halls, whereas you’ll be able to see most of their bodies. Another good but tough spot is to play from underneath the ladder, and wait for the Ts to jump down into the site. Be careful if you decide to play there, because there is a good chance you’ll get flashed and die, as most Ts will check there after jumping down.

You could also decide to play A halls from far away with an awp. The advantage to doing this is that when the Ts come out of the halls, they have a very small area where they can run, and eventually they have to jump down, meaning that they are very easy targets for any good awper. The downside though, is that you will usually only get 1 kill before the rest manage to jump down and into the bombsite.

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