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The mid player is pretty limited in how he can play it. The best ways are to either play it from the window room, or to watch it from catwalk.

Playing mid from the window room is tough because I believe that the Terrorists have the advantage at mid. Even though youíll get to the window room before the Ts get to mid, a simple flash from them above the wall and youíll be blind, and when you regain your vision, their awper could be behind any number of boxes in mid, scoped in on the window room waiting for you to peak. Not to mention the possibility that an enemy could sneak up on you from underground. For these reasons, I think itís better to play mid passively. If you peak mid too aggressively, there is a better chance of you dieing than there is of you getting a kill, unless you are much more skilled than the other sideís awper. Not only that, but in most CT setups, the mid player is the closest teammate to the player playing B site, so should you die youíll pretty much be leaving him on an island to defend the site as the A players have a long rotation to B. I suggest playing relatively passive and keeping yourself scoped on cat, if they cross that way youíll usually get a kill, and even if you donít, you have a quick rotation to B to help your teammate.

Playing from cat isnít much easier, youíre also more likely to get picked than to get a kill if you play aggressive, so once again I suggest playing passively, either around the corner with a rifle, or possibly in the ladder room. When the Ts run across catwalk, they are usually more worried about enemies from connector and window room, so you can easily get a few easy kills from playing this way.

B Site:

This site is pretty easy to hold, which is why most teams only leave 1 player there and stack A. If the mid player is doing a good job, youíll be covered from cat and will know if they come that way. That means you just have to worry about the Ts sneaking up B halls. Ts will usually only do this after faking somewhere else, so itís important that you donít bite on the fake unless your teammates call the bomb down. If you play from right above b stairs, youíll see the enemiesí feet coming around the corner, but they wonít see you. You can also play around the pillar, though my advice is to only do that once or twice in the half, to catch them off guard. If they get lazy and donít check around it, youíll get easy kills on them.

Another good possibility for playing this site is to play from inside the cage and rotate between watching the stairs and catwalk. If you decide to play from there, keep yourself scoped on the stairs until your teammate calls that they are rushing cat. At that point, switch between watching both cat and stairs. Itís not as hard as it seems, because you have a huge advantage over the Ts in both situations. If they come from the stairs, you are partially camouflaged and will get easy kills because you know exactly where they have to come out. If they come cat, They will only be able to see the tip of your head from above the box, and it is a very, very hard shoot for a T to pull off. The shot isnít very easy for you either, but it is much more manageable.

CT Connector:

This position is usually relatively easy to hold, but is also a critical spot to hold. This player doesnít have a whole lot of options. They pretty much need to stay around the little connector that connects middle to A. Terrorists may try to send a few people threw the B tunnels to middle and try to flank the players in A threw the connector. It is very important that your A Halls player and your A Ramp player donít get blind sighted. This player is also in a good position where they can help the middle player, the A Halls player, or the A ramp player if they need backup.

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