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De_Contra Strategy

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There are already plenty of strats listed on this page. However, we did want to spend some time elaborating on a few of them, and also adding some other helpful tips for T side.

Use your spawns

The B rush out of a great spawn is an extremely tough strat to stop. I would suggest trying to get someone to plank if you can. This guy needs to make sure he flashes the sand before attempting to get to plank.

If your team has a good A spawn, you can also try rushing upper A as well. Controlling upper A after the bomb is planted makes it really tough for the CTs to retake the site even if they have a slight number advantage.

Smokes for Middle

These smokes can be thrown from T spawn, and they will do a very good job of smoking up middle. The great thing about these smokes is that you can throw them, then buy another smoke for later in the round. I would suggest throwing these smokes both at times when you are going middle and at times when you are not to confuse the other team.

Rifle Up

Most of this map consists of close to medium distance battles. If you are using your smokes correctly, you can pretty much make all of the choke points medium to close distance battles. Due to this, you can win the economy battle if you have 1 awp at most on T side. You can play CT side with all M4s, but most likely the CTs will have at least 1 awp, if not 2. This means that the CTs will have to spend much more money, since the M4 and awp are more expensive guns. Even on rounds in which you lose, if you are able to kill 3-4 of the CTs, you can build an advantage when it comes to money. Most strats on contra can be just as easily executed without an awp anyways, so there is no reason that your team should have more than 1 awp in a round.

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