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There are already plenty of strats listed on this page. However, we did want to spend some time elaborating on a few of them and also adding another strategy to your arsenal.

Smokes for A

When you are using any of the strats that either hit A or that are faking on A. The following smokes can really give you an advantage. These smokes are particularly good because they can be thrown from a save distance and because they will provide good to decent cover from CTs trying to awp from CT spawn or from the middle area by the connector. Another thing to point out, as you look at the screenshots, is that you can also throw flashes over the wall. The flashes thrown over the wall will only blind certain places, so make sure to get into a private server and practice these flashes and smokes.

Smokes for Middle

These smokes can be thrown from T spawn, and they will do a very good job of smoking up middle. The great thing about these smokes is that you can throw it, then buy another for the rest of the round since you can throw this from T spawn. I would suggest throwing these smokes both at times when you are going middle and at times when you are not to throw the other team off.

Using Your Smokes

One important thing to remember is that your team will need to time your strats to make the most use our of your smokes and flashes. Every player only has 1 smoke and your team needs to use the smokes when they are thrown. If you fail to use them, you will be much easier targets for the awps all over the map.

Middle Setup

One Strat/Setup we wanted to add was sending 1 Terrorist with an AK into B tunnels, 1 Terrorist over to A ramp area, and 3 Terrorist middle (1 with an awp). This is a very versatile setup because your team can easily go A or B depending on what your caller wants to do. Also, before you go A or B, give your 3 middle guys the chance to work a pick on middle window, connector or short B.

If your team decides to go B, the player at A ramp can throw the first smoke above from the “Smokes for A” section and then flash into A twice to keep the A players busy. The smoke will also make it much tougher an awp at CT spawn in A to pick your teammates when they try to make it up short B or cat to B site. That brings me to the 3 middle players. The 3 middle Terrorists are going to want to smoke up connector and cat, then move up cat to B. Your last player who was in the B halls should then try to time it so he comes out right when the cat players are getting a view into B site.

If your team decides to go A, the player in B halls can throw a fake at B. The 3 middle players can try to storm the connector into A, and the A ramp player can throw one of the smokes into A then move into A from A ramp.

It is usually easier to go B out of this setup since your 3 middle guys could get bunched up in the connector. However, I would recommend mixing it up, and going A out of this setup once or twice.

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